Kitchen Renovation Ideas to Save Space in a Small Kitchen

Simple Tips to Make the Most of a Small Kitchen During Renovations

A tiny kitchen may not have enough room for extra appliances. You may not have enough space to fit a dining table, refrigerator, and other things. If your kitchen is small, it might feel crowded and uncomfortable, which nobody likes. Sadly, if you live in an apartment, you might not have many choices. Fortunately, there are lots of ways to save space and add more storage in your kitchen by using different remodeling ideas that suit your style. Try these kitchen renovation ideas to make your kitchen feel bigger.

Opt For Small Appliances

Kitchen appliances are big and require a lot of room. It’s a good idea to consider if you can make better use of space by choosing smaller appliances. For instance, if you usually don’t cook for many people, a small oven that is still good quality may be enough for you. If you already have a refrigerator outside, you could choose a smaller one for your kitchen.

Choose a Smaller Sink

The regular double sink is big and can take up a lot of space on the kitchen counter in a small kitchen. Instead, think about using only one sink to make the most of your work area. You can also pick a sink that goes underneath your countertop and hides its edges. This not only looks good by making the kitchen look neat and organized, but it also gives you a little extra counter space – even small amounts add up if you don’t have much space.

Install a Railing on the Wall

You can buy a rail that attaches easily to the walls of your kitchen at a low cost. The rail can be used to hang anything, which saves space and adds a unique look. You can hang things like kitchen tools, plants, cooking pans, pots, or towels.

Build Custom Cabinets to Surround a Built-in Refrigerator

A refrigerator below small, hidden cupboards takes up a lot of space in your kitchen, making it look messy and crowded. Instead, you can choose to have cabinets made specifically to fit in front of a built-in refrigerator, making it easier to reach and use. You can make more room for storing things by lifting the fridge and putting a cabinet underneath it.

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